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Having a strong temperament that is at ease with itself, Vertù innovates by offering an elegant line of products conceived around the benefits of a molecule that is still unfairly underused: CBD.

Doing justice to all skin types, from the most delicate to the driest, and giving them purity and balance, is in the brand's DNA. Ingredients derived from nature put together with respect for French expertise in combining CBD at its heart.

This philosophy of "good" inspired the founders to create the brand in 2021.

The brand's identity was built around a mythological poetry and philosophical virtues, inspiring the names of the products.

Vertù fait rimer cosmétique avec mystique, décline le CBD comme une allitération discrète et imagine ses produits comme une douce poésie.

Difficult to define, virtue embodies the good. For Plato, it is synonymous with harmony, wisdom, or knowledge. In this notion, we can also distinguish several fundamental virtues such as courage, justice, and temperance.

Created to do good, bring you together around natural beauty, and make every skin a jewel, Vertù products were conceived, designed, and packaged in France.

The packaging combines the aesthetic with the practical, the glass bottles and jars tinted black lending mystery and desire.

Made of glass and aluminum, the bottles can be endlessly recycled.

Vertù meets your skin's basic needs. Vertù personal care products invite you to regenerate the epidermis and give it everything it needs, from hydration to protection.

The Vertù story is just beginning. Let's live it together.


Découvrez notre gamme de soins sans plus tarder. 

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